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Natalie shattered the HBHS 500 yd. Freestyle Record set in 1977 with a super fast time of 5:06.85 !  Way to go Natalie! We are proud of you!

Weekly SWIM TEAM Coaches Message

Week of March 27th

Tuesday- Meet at Edison

  • All Levels will be swimming
  • Bus leaves at 1:30PM
    • LEAVING WITH A PARENT: Rememeber, since it is an away meet, the only way that swimmers can go home with their parent/guardian is if the required transportation paperwork has been submitted to Kathi Navarette already.
    • CAPS: All swimmers must have their HBHS swim caps.  If you do not have one, please purchase one before the next meet.
    • Before you go, please pick up after yourself.  Leave the place better than you found it when you arrived.
    • 5th or 6th period- If you have class 5th or 6th period, you will be excused.  Please check with your teacher for work that needs to be made up ahead of time.
    • Team shirts- wear your team shirt to school.  Show your team spirit.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE TO THE 100x100 Swim-A-Thon fundraiser!

Great job on your efforts during the 100X100 SWIM-A-THON.  There were a lot of swimmers who completed ALL of the 100s!  CONGRATULATIONS... that is no small feat.

  • Once you have collected all of your donations, please be sure to complete the Google Form, so we can keep track of what everyone is turning in.
  • Many of you have already turned in the money you collected.  Thank you.  Please be sure to complete the form as well.

Now that we are in season, I just want to remind all CLUB SWIMMERS and POLO Players of the practice expectations:

  • Black Group:(Junior/Senior)
    • All Swim Meets

    • Monday Afternoons Mandatory

  • Black Group (Freshman/Sophomores)

    • Monday Afternoons Mandatory

    • Any 2nd afternoon

    • All Swim Meets

  • All Orange Group:
    • Monday mornings

    • Two afternoon practices & swim meet day (after February 26)

    • Three afternoon practices (between January 26-Feburary 26)

  • Coaches are to be aware of days that athletes will attend high school & club practices via Parent Email

  • Meets do not count as a practice day


Save the date for these upcoming swim team events:

Link to volunteer for our home game vs. Los Al on Tuesday, March, 21st.  Thank you for your help!

Senior Parents: Please mark your calendar for our last home meet: Tuesday, April 4th. We will be honoring our seniors and you won't want to miss it!

SWIM Banquet is Thursday, May 25th from 5PM-9PM at Sea Cliff Country Club.  More information coming soon!


Registration opens February 17th.  Please click on the link below to register your athlete on Friday.  Go to the parent portal to view the download guide for the SportsEngin App.  You MUST  be registered to get emails and updates about practices/pasta parties and swim meets.  CLICK ON LINK BELOW-REGISTRATION-Swim Donation

2017 Swim Contact Form

If you have not been receiving emails recently, it is most likely due to the fact that you have not completed the contact form. We are using this form as our roster. If you are not on our contact list, we have not sent your name to Mrs. Vandenbosch as one of our swimmers. Please complete this form ASAP, so there is no confusion, or lack of communication.

2017 Swim Team Mandatory Gear

Online Stores - NOW OPEN

Girls Gear

  • Team Suit (Speedo Orange Splatter)  
  • Orange Polo Shirt
  • Swim Caps (1-White, 1-Black)


Boys Gear

  • Team Suit (Black Aquablade)
  • Orange Polo Shirt
  • Swim Caps (1-White, 1-Black)

After the ordering window closes on February 22nd everything will be sent to production and then delivered to the pool deck before the first swim meet. If you want to pay the extra fees your order can be shipped directly to you, but that is not required.


Click on the ORANGE LINKS below to view and order gear

CAS - Competitive Aquatic Supply

Items to Order: Boys/Girls Swim Suit, HBHS Aquatics Backpack, Speedo Parka, Speedo Warm Up Suits

TruWest HBHS Team Store

Items to Order: HBHS Swim Parka, Silicone Swim Caps




HBHS OILERS SWIM SignUp Genius Links

Sign up: donate to snack bar or pasta party, work as timer, or help in snack bar

HBHS Oilers Aquatics Booster Club

HBHS Aquatics Booster Club supports all levels of boys and girl water polo and swim teams at Huntington Beach High School.  We strive to ensure that all athletes have a positive team experience and all parents and athletes have access to all necessary communications and information for a successful season.  Please contact us for information in how you can participate as part of the HBHS Aquatics Booster Club.

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